>big day for the jefes…and luis colon.

alright. today was a huge day in sports. for me at least.

the chiefs have hired scott pioli as their new GM. when carl was fired last month, my reaction went something like this: “YES…now what?” so i’ve attempted to educate myself, but i still struggle to see what makes a “good” or “bad” general manager. i’ve gathered bits and pieces here and there, and the two things i keep coming back to and finding most important: experience and passion.

pioli apparently has both. he’s been a part of the browns, ravens, and jets management in the 90s and has been leading a contributor in the patriots ‘dynasty’ of from 2000-2009. here are two terrific quotes from new england patriots’ owner robert kraft and head coach bill belichick:

“Scott Pioli was an integral part of the many championships the New England Patriots have celebrated this decade and I would like to thank him for his countless contributions throughout the past nine seasons. Scott is a great evaluator of talent. He is thorough in his evaluations, extremely organized and has done a tremendous job mining all possible resources to help Coach Belichick and his staff field the players needed to win consistently.” [Robert Kraft]

“To sum up in words everything Scott Pioli has meant to this organization and to me personally would be difficult, if not impossible. From the day I met him, he has demonstrated a passion for football and respect for the game that is second to none. It has been extremely gratifying for me to follow Scott’s career ascension from the bottom of the totem pole in Cleveland to his place as a pillar of championship teams in New England. Now with the opportunity to steer his own ship and a vision of building a winner, there is no more capable, hardworking, loyal, team-oriented person than Scott Pioli.” [Bill Belichick]

that means a lot coming from belichick…the guy isn’t exactly a quote machine. nor is he the source of any emotion whatsoever.

he’s probably going to give herm edwards the ax (good by me) and he’ll implement a whole new staff of winners (which i’m also okay with as long as he keeps chan gailey). i’m also pumped to see a) who he drafts b) who he gets out of free agency and c) what he does with larry johnson. as long as we end up with a legitimate pass rush i’ll be decently happy.

other sports news i need to address:
in a losing effort at ku, k-state starter luis colon put up 12 points and 6 rebounds in 16 minutes of play. also he fouled out with 12 minutes left in the game but the POINT is that luis was a STAR.

the wildcats were terrible, started the game down 18-0, but with luis at the wheel they clawed back to within 4 points early in the second half, but then he fouled out and all morale was lost. sigh. number 15 can’t do everything (yes, he changed his number…fifteen is a much sleeker and impressive number than 50).

anyway. for probably the first time since the play of my life and the day the streak ended do i feel like sports are alive in my life – and nothing really significant happened at all. kstate lost by 16 in allen fieldhouse and the chiefs didn’t even play a game – but it feels just fine being a sports fan today. i’ll savor it for now. please be sure remind me of this moment a few days from now when it all comes crashing down again. damn it feels good to be a kc sports fan/gangster.

go relish.


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