>semester ten: goals, hopes and prayers.

>i graduate in 4 months. exciting. scary. unexpected. there are a lot of words/emotions/reactions that accompany such a feat. but the one that i’ve felt most the last few weeks is unprepared.

the thing i will be hoping for and praying for most this semester is that God would stir my heart and really stimulate my mind. for the first time in a long time i finally feel like i’m progressing in life – stable relationship, invested friendships, and job opportunities after school – i really feel like the next “stage” of life is upon me. i feel as though i may be progressing physically through life, i may not be moving forward mentally and spiritually.

a few goals for this semester:

pray and listen more.

listen to more Ace of Base.

read and write more.

establish more friends to challenge me and cultivate growth in my life – a beautiful (also famous) friend of mine spoke last night briefly about the importance of accountability within community and i feel like that is something i could use more of. it’s something i feel like i have lacked recently. i think i grow most through intentional conversation with others – i got to experience it again over break in conversations with dan, dave, and karlie – and i want that to continue with a myriad of others. so please, if you would like to join me in that venture – let me know. heck you could just comment “yes” to this blog post.

establish my life on a foundation of joy – i don’t mean to put words in the mouths of…everyone…but when i was in high school and my first few years of college one word that i think a lot of people would’ve used to describe my personality would be “joyful”. the last couple years – i’m not so sure. that is not to say i have not been happy. happiness is easy, but joy is something different. joy is something more. the last couple weeks i have felt a joy i haven’t felt in a few years and it feels incredible.

appreciate manhattan – except maybe for the drivers and the wind.

also not to fail any classes and actually graduate. crossies.

probably not a complete list. but it’s a good start. hopefully these are steps of preparation for my life after college. but it’s 11:16 and i have to be in class across campus in 14 minutes. ready break.


One thought on “>semester ten: goals, hopes and prayers.”

  1. >Thankyou AP for making me realize what that empty spot in my life was- Ace of Base. I don’t know if you were just saying that to be funny, but i adore that band.

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