>quick thoughts on popular music.

>here are a handful of thoughts i’ve had regarding music in the last week or so. don’t feel obligated to watch ALL the videos i link to – but you should at least watch the first 10-20 seconds of the video linked in point #4…ready break.

#1. i wish amy winehouse wasn’t such a sideshow. she actually makes terrific music and the more i listen to it the more her repulsive life fades out of my mind. she ought to focus on making more music cause then she’d have a lot more fans and a lot less critics/people who think she’s a freak. which she is. but MJ’s kinda a freak too and helloooo.

#2. last night i dabbled more with itunes genius and was awarded with easily my greatest victory to date: joss stone – what were we thinking. here are tracks 1-13:

and the list of fantastic tracks continued for multiple hours of audio enjoyment. sometimes genius can be disappointing and frustrating. other times it can be extremely rewarding. this was one of those times.

#3. i wish kanye wasn’t such a boring interview. the guy is just so awkward and uncomfortable to listen to talk. he’s quite the artist, but i think my buddy jon stated it best when he refered to kanye west as a “terrible human”. that is not to say that he’s morally terrible – he’s just bad at being a normal human. pretty good description i think. proof here and here.

#4. the more i hear beyonce’s “single ladies (put a ring on it)” the more i like it. the first 15 or so times i heard it – hated it. i thought it was annoying and obnoxious and redundant and blah blah blah. but the 16th time…yessss. also check out this sweet clip my friend rachel showed me…so hilarious. so so so wrong.

#5. lastly, i have decided that gnarls barkley makes the most fantastic music videos on the planet. i could write an entire post about this…probably will sometime. so i’ll leave it at that for now.


5 thoughts on “>quick thoughts on popular music.”

  1. >i love beyonce’s song. if i could, i would wear a spandex leotard in public and dance in the street like fosse with a huuuuge leather glove…i would.

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