>it’s free movie month and ap needs your help!

>last wednesday the k-state collegian came with a coupon insert. it had a page of taco bell discounts on one side and blockbuster on the other – initially this was annoying to me because if i used any of the taco bell coupons then i couldn’t use the blockbuster ones and vice versa – but upon further review it wasn’t a serious issue because the taco bell deals weren’t terrific*.

but i flipped the coupons over to the blockbuster side and saw maybe the greatest coupon to ever exist: “FREE MOVIE RENTAL – no purchase necessary – one coupon per customer per day – valid through 2/28/09”. booyah. my roommates and i (one of which works for the collegian) snatched up as many coupon sheets as we could…i haven’t counted, but i’d guess we have about 60 of them stacked on our coffee table.

therefore, blockbuster has declared february “Free Movie Month” on elaine drive.

i spent the first couple days of february in tampa, so i got a slow start**, but since then i have watched 4 movies in 4 days and paid zero dollars and zero cents. talk about the greatest deal ever. i’m hoping to make it well into double digits with this deal – maybe 20 movies? 21? 22? i’ve pretty much picked through the new releases (although i still feel a slight tug to watch Semi-Pro – Will Ferrell and ANDRE 3000?!?!), but i need some guidance on some movies that people feel i ought to watch during the next 22 days. i grew up without much movie knowledge – i saw Jurrasic Park for the first time just last year – but i feel that this is my chance to make a slight comeback so i can hold my own in SceneIt and become a part of many more cinematic conversations.

so any suggestions on what i should see next? i get this sense that those who frequent my blog have wonderful taste in movies. so please help a brother out.

heck. if you’re lucky you might get an end-of-the-month list complete with some sort of ranking system – actually you’re likely to get that anyway. my blogging is not contingent on my frequenters actions.


* – the best one they had to offer was 6 crunchy tacos for 3.99 – but i already can get 2 burritos and 2 crunchy tacos for 1.99 with my local radio station discount card (QCard), so i could get 4 burritos and 4 crunchy tacos – 8 items – for the same price as 6 crunchy tacos. i choose the QCard. because 8 > 6. it’s science.

** – this “set back” is not a bad thing. i’m perfectly fine with missing a couple days of movies because i’m busy going to the superbowl with the girl i love. there are worse things that could’ve delayed me. love > the superbowl > free movie month…this is also science.

7 thoughts on “>it’s free movie month and ap needs your help!”

  1. >-before the devil knows you’re dead-diving bell and the butterfly-american teen-vicky christina barcelona-do you like woody allen?-the savagesthese are just a few suggestions, i think you would like them, or find them interesting

  2. >you may have already seen some of these:-death at a funeral-run fatboy run-adaptation-god grew tired of us-last king of scotland-this american life season 1-the fallthose are just from my netflix history of the last while. there are far too many good movies out there beyond those of course. i second the diving bell and the butterfly.

  3. >I second Run Fatboy Run,Baby Mama,30 Rock (all episodes),Curb Your Enthusiasm (all episodes; this series is HBO-raunchy, but hilarious),Once (if you’re in the mood for a good music-movie),Legends of the Fall (I was sure you’d already seen this…till I read how late you were to Jurassic Park).

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