>so the oscars happened.

i always feel the need to write something new and profound on this mother.

instead of writing “the oscars were neat/slumdog won a bunch/queen latifah was lip syncing over a previously recorded track/halle berry and alicia keys were all sorts of hubba hubba” i end up trying so hard to come up with something more interesting than that. but that should be enough. this thing is about my thoughts…not the thoughts i wish i could come up with upon extended thought and pondering.

so my oscar/somewhat related to the oscars thoughts are as follows:

1. “jai ho” is maybe the only song that has the power to thwart “put a ring on it” out of my head. that song pumps me up like ac/dc never could. then again, hoku pumps me up like ac/dc never could. so maybe i should write something like “that song is boss” instead. the performance of it (with john legend joining in) during the oscars last night was awesome. a highlight for sure.

2. steve martin nearly made me pee my pants for the first time in at least a week. i rented “the jerk” last weekendish and can finally appreciate his comedy to the fullest. his screenplay presentations were a riot. a highlight for sure.

3. the little kiddos in slumdog are both awesome and adorable. the two little boys in their slick tuxes?! the little girl in her beautiful dress and tiara?! freaking awesome. i was fist pumping like steve weibe throughout the best picture acceptance speech. also, did you hear how awesome their payment for this movie is?! instead of writing the little kids a check, they get the money in small installments until they graduate school and then they get their massive payload. since they really are children out of the slums of mumbai, if the companies wrote them a fat check then they’d probably be kidnapped and held for ransom overnight. so this method ensures their safety and still rewards them with an incredible life in the future. slumdog is changing real lives. a highlight for sure.

4. i need to see man on wire so badly. karlie and i have been debating it for a while, and absolutely bonkers acceptance of the dude who stood on the wire between the twin towers was more than enough to prod me to rent it immediately.

5. the oscars were surprisingly cross-cultural and cross-generational – i guess they’re always cross-generational because actors keep getting older and movies continue to be extremely popular – but the cross-cultural aspect was really neat. most of you would say “well, of course it was ap! slumdog was about india and it won best picture! the only real/non-dubbed/non-humorous musical rendition throughout the oscars was in hindi and there were tribal drums and indian dancers everywhere.” i would say yes…but robert downey jr. played an australian man playing a black man in tropic thunder. can you get any more cross-cultural? i submit that you cannot. a highlight for sure.

6. christopher walken is such a weirdo. asbolutely love it. just seeing him = a highlight for sure.

7. WILL SMITH SAID BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE AT THE OSCARS. watch it here. original here. there is absolutely nothing funnier in the world. name something in the world. no, seriously, try it. it wont be funnier.

8. speaking of boom goes the dyno…alicia keys and halle berry. goodness gracious ladies. God must’ve spent a little more time on you two. and here’s probably what happened: God was so busy putting a little more time and effort into you guys that he totally forgot about sophia loren over the last 10 years and let her wither quickly into a leathery monster. yeah. thats probably it. also kate winslet and penelope cruz. highlights for sure.

thats a quick list of my thoughts – without trying to find anything profoud or meaningful or touching. cause lets be honest, usually i’m none of those things.

now i’m going to go play geosense.

beat it. i dare you.


7 thoughts on “>so the oscars happened.”

  1. >do you know you said “highlight for sure” like 2948 times in this?? haha. also your comment about sofia loren was hilarious. she looked terrible. you forgot to say how good natalie portman looked though. good blog senor.

  2. >1. I like “O Saya” better than “Jai Ho”, probably just because M.I.A. is on it. I was a little disappointed that she didn’t show up to sing it. Who cares if she just had a kid like a week ago?! She didn’t seem to have any trouble performing at the Grammys on her due date! (My incredulity there was sarcastic, but the love for miss Maya was not.)4. Man on wire is awesome. Dani and I finally got around to watching it like two weeks ago. Phillipe Petit thinks and speaks like no one I’ve ever met. Maybe all frenchmen do — I haven’t met many of them.5. I noticed that, too. I liked it.7. YES! Will Smith is just great.8. Kate Winslet is absolutely adorable. Also, Anne Hathaway grows on me a little bit every time I see her. If she wasn’t lip-syncing (and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t), that girl can belt it out.9. You forgot Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix! That was AMAZING!

  3. >you were right. you rocked that blog. I agree with all of it,but I’d include the ben stiller bit,complain a little about the beyonce/high school musical/mamma mia bit you missed,and talk about penelope’s dress a little too. the oscars are my FAV.

  4. >kate winslet…love of my life. ben stiller…ha. hahaha. i used to hate him. now, i’m quite fond of him. sofia loren…uuuggh.meryl streep…how can you not look up to her as a beautiful and wise legend. yeap i said it. legend. funny: the curtain wouldn’t open. haha.hugh jackman..uuuuugh. ha.anne hathaway…for sure a classic beauty with a hidden voice that i wish so desperately would be used more often. wasn’t lop syncing.high school musical…uggh.umm, did i mention kate winslet and my love for her. she won. ‘dad whistle or something-eh dad!’ real life at the oscars. great.

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