>free movie month in quick review.

>i’m watching the final movie of FMM. yes, i know that FMM ended when february did, but it’s a week rental. also since i have no interest in actually giving blockbuster any business following this month, being a little later isn’t really an issue.

so here i am, on the 9th of march, watching the last of my free movies. it has been quite a month. i did very little with the suggestions you made, and for that i am sorry. in fact, as i review the list of movies that i watched during this free spree i have to say that i’m not very impressed with my selections. mostly comedies, but there were still quite a few gems.

i’m not going to give a lengthy detailed review of each of them, cause that would be beyond boring both for you to read and for me to write. so i’ll simply list the movies, along with a rating* and maybe a sentence or two max.

tropic thunder – OOO – robert downing jr. is hilarious and incredible but jack black’s character was stupid and so was tom cruise’s.

star wars: clone wars – OOO – once i got past the fact that this wasn’t really star wars it was rather enjoyable for me. i just had to make sure i didn’t associate it with the others too much.

traitor – OOOOO – oh man. don cheadle is freaking amazing.

babylon a.d. – _ – worst movie i’ve seen in 22 years, 11 months and 23 days.

the sting – OOOO – oh, but give me an old pro like a robert redford. oh, i’d jump into bed with him in a second.

the jerk – OOOOO – steve martin at his best. absolutely hilarious from start to finish. i finished it and wanted to watch it again, but i was trying to crunch in as many movies as possible. should’ve rented it instead of babylon ad…what a waste of zero dollars.

rushmore: – OO – i fell asleep and had to try again the next day. wes anderson

best in show – OOOO – this movie has inspired me to try to make up my own mockumentary. who knows what about, but i was near tears in parts of this movie. take away parker posey and this movie gets 5 O’s.

king of kong – OOOOO – okay, this wasn’t the first time i’d seen this movie…more like the tenth. but this is the best documentary of all time. here’s my review from feb 08: never surrender.

superbad – O – getting girls drunk so you can have sex with them is not cool, and it is all this movie is about. the only redeeming part of this movie was any moment when michael cera is running.

semi pro – OOO – had about 4 scenes that absolutely made the movie. of the super-dumb anchorman wannabe movies…this one is the best.

dr. strangelove – OO – 1964 comedy. not sure i was on the same page with the humor throught the movie, but james earl jones is in it and that makes it at least one more O.

stomp the yard – OOO – this movie was talked up waaaay too much. it does not measure up to “step up” and/or “step up 2 the streets” but it’s still great.

man on wire – OOOO – how in the world were they able to get all those amazing photos and all that original footage? the redramatizations were pretty lame though – as all redramatizations are.

the shining – OO – well shot. and jack nicholson was good. but i was extremely bored, weirded out and confused.

so that’s the list. 15 movies. 14 new. 1 repeat. zero dollars. sounds like a deal to me. again, sorry if i didn’t take any of your suggestions. it’s nothing personal, i just ended up finding my own picks before i had to resort to help. good thing those other choices will forever be listed on the world wide web in case i need a movie idea.


* – i have chosen to use O’s as my unit of rating because it’s the tic-tac-toe symbol that is not utilized by the porn industry. i wouldn’t want to give tropic thunder a “XXX” but a “OOO” is just fine. also representing the number of dollars i spent for each movie.

3 thoughts on “>free movie month in quick review.”

  1. >you did not pay O dollars for these movies. you paid 0. there’s a difference, O’s are fatter. and i didn’t get that they were your rating for like three movies, i just thought you were going OOOOOHHH (as in oh snap)

  2. >not that you’re asking for more recommendations, but if you liked Best in Show, you might enjoy Waiting for Guffman. and i definitely think you should make your own mockumentary!

  3. >you’re funny.and also– i loved stomp the yard. hello. i was probably the one who talked it up. can’t believe you watched superbad. also– YES to traitor. so great. have you heard of changeling? don’t watch it. it has angelina in it.

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