>sports bit.

>i haven’t talked about sports in a while. let’s do that today.

1. john buck is batting .434 with a .525 OBP in spring training. mike macfarlane eat your heart out.

2. it’s looking very likely that the chiefs will do one of two things in this year’s nfl draft: with the third overall pick they will either take linebacker aaron curry from wake forest (#1 ranked player overall) or – if the lions really take OT jason smith over QB matthew stafford – they may trade down with a team like the 49ers for a later round pick and pull someone totally different. i have a feeling the chiefs may be looking to simply draft the best player available – curry, michael crabtree, eugene monroe, brian orakpo, etc. we’ll see.

3. my bracket is decently intact. 12/16 isn’t bad. especially when my elite 8 are all still around. pitt looks like a bum pick to win it though. favorite games so far: siena over ohio state and oklahoma state over tennessee. also i’m proud of my WKU pick. i’m also proud of my VCU and NDSU picks even though they couldn’t pull it off.

4. have you guys seen how josh freeman has rocketed up the QB prospects list? he’s jumped pat white and graham harrell and is now listed #3 in QBs behind stafford and mark sanchez (who’s draft stock is slowly sliding). it’s fun to say that i hung out with him in my Wealth, Power and Privilege class just three months ago.

just a couple quick thoughts. i’ll quit blogging now. i have a life you know.


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