>campus musicals with ELO.

>one of the worst things about spring break: i was 100 miles away from the circulation desk at Hale Library which is where i needed to be if i wanted to pick up the albums that showed up with my name on them. there was a quick sharp pain in my heart when i checked my email on the 16th and it said “interlibrary loan available to check out at…” as the subject line and knew i had to wait another week to pick it up. talk about torture.

of the albums i had to hold out til the 23rd to pick up, this has definitely had the most success on my iPod* thus far:
prior to this pick-up, only two tracks from ELO graced my itunes library: “don’t bring me down” (an old favorite of mine) and “livin’ thing” (which i only ever discovered because of a delightful JC Penny commecial from a few years ago). little did i know just how great the other 18 songs on this album would be.

here’s the true greatness of this album though: track 1. “mr. blue sky” is the perfect theme to walk on campus to – not because it’s the perfect rhythm for my steps or because it makes me groove like “billie jean” or “around the world/harder better faster stronger” does – but because it’s absolutely hilarious to think about the different people you pass on campus breaking out in random song and singing the various high/low/harmony/robot vocals. including but not limited to:

– football players on harmonies
– professors on percussion
– freshman with his backpack on too tight walking at an incredible rate can take the the background panting just cause it makes sense.
– ROTC fellas on high notes
– an international student – probably a cute asian girl – can take the lowest of the low parts
– dr. linder can take the guitar solo.
– the fluke is the duke of soul…yeah.^

man it’s a riot. give it a try sometime. essentially all you have to do is try your best to challenge stereotypes through the music…this is also the exact plot of High School Musical.

if you want me to email you the song i will. otherwise you can watch that fantastic video that accompanies it over and over…just lemme know.


* – that is, my brand new 120 gig ipod. thanks dear.
^ – please tell me someone out there catches this perfectly utilized reference. anyone? anyone? also i’m mixin it up and utilizing the carrot^ instead of the double asterisk**.

3 thoughts on “>campus musicals with ELO.”

  1. >Strangely, I think “Mr. Blue Sky” is the only ELO song on my ipod, and has been for probably all the years we’ve lived together.Also, I’m sad Karlie beat me to the Little Mermaid answer. I totally knew that. Sebastian and the hot crustacean band always bring the house down with “Under the Sea”.

  2. >little mermaid.i like that song. email me it.they have great hair.in my HSM, you would be the background singer who says, “sooo long” really high.i passed my testtttt.

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