>a saturday of videography.

>i spent 13 hours shooting a wedding on saturday with these guys.

i cannot tell you how great it felt to get a video camera back in my hands. it was like coming back in contact with a long lost friend who doesn’t have a facebook. i didn’t realize how much i really missed it. it took at least 4 minutes for me to become comfortable shooting and within the first hour i was capturing shots like i haven’t in over 5 years.

dave and i got about 8 hours of footage between the two of us. it’s such a blessing to get to ‘work’ with dave. i couldn’t’ve asked for a more perfect situation to re-familiarize myself with videography.

what a cool experience to get to work with jeremy and ashley too. coolest and most talented photographers in kc. hands down. can’t wait to see your stuff from saturday, guys. look forward to working with you again in the future.

zach and katie were an awesome couple too. so chill and so fun to get to hang out with for the day. i made some new friends saturday for sure.

more on this when there’s a final product to share.


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