>ben folds comes to kstate – postblog.

>might as well just kick it off with the set list. asterisked songs are tracks that i listed in the preblog:

bitch went nuts (new version)
zak and sara
sentimental guy
battle of who could care less
free coffee (altoids mix)*
dr. yang (new version intro)*
hiroshima (b-b-b-benny hit his head)*
annie waits
you don’t know me (sans regina spektor)
fly (joke song)
rockin the suburbs
not the same*
fair (encore)
one angry dwarf and 200 solemn faces (super fast remix) (encore)*

he played 7 of the songs that i hoped to hear. i was a bit nervous at the start because it took a long time for him to come to the tracks i was amped about hearing. it seemed like he structured the start of the show around Way to Normal, but eventually moved along to some of his more familiar songs. as i mentioned in the preblog you never know exactly what to expect from ben. he has quite the repertoire to choose from.

highlights for me:

not the same/army – i’m coupling these because i love them for the same reason: audience participation. the first time i saw ben in concert i didn’t get to be apart of the three part harmony or the saxophone/trumpet duet that he leads the audience in when he plays these song. this is what makes ben folds so entertaining – the crowd becomes apart of the song. definitely makes the highlight reel.

one angry dwarf – he played it as the final encore…which i have a feeling he does almost all the time. he played it last when i saw him in des moines too. this has always been one of my favorite songs so it’s a great one to end on for me. it’s insanely fast to begin with, but just to show off his impressively quick hands – he played it somewhere in the vicinity of 231 times faster. i don’t understand how he does it. it’s absolutely mesmerizing to watch.

gone – what a surprise! i always forget how great this song is, and i totally didn’t expect him to play it^. i don’t really have anything more to say about it beyond that. love this song and so pumped that he played it.

great show overall. he’s just incredible to see play in person. he just seems so comfortable when he’s up there. he talks with the crowd and makes up random songs while he’s up there. he tried his best to make up a song about some big eyed fly that he saw on stage mid-show (that’s the song ‘fly’ that you might not have recognized on the set list), but he was totally failing coming up with interesting lyrics about it so he decided to bail himself out by telling jokes in verse form instead. including but not limited to The Pirate Joke.

and i TOTALLY called him doing something sweet with the ‘free coffee’ track. turns out here’s how he got that wacky sound: he takes an altoid box, wedges it into his piano, turns an effect on, and it suddenly sounds completely different.

well guys. that’s all i know.


^ – other songs i didn’t expect to hear: sentimental guy, lullaby, cologne, JESUSLAND, and fair for an encore!?! freaking awesome. that’s my #4 highlight probably.

2 thoughts on “>ben folds comes to kstate – postblog.”

  1. >i’m utterly impressed by your thoroughness in experiencing concerts. i thought you were just willy nilly texting until i realized that you were taking notes for future reference. bravo, sir cooper, bravo.he’s certainly an incredible performer,but i just can’t shake the high school dejavubc of his music.weird?

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