>countdown to may 16.

>24 days. 4 exams, 3 quizzes, 2 papers, 1 research proposal…

…and 1 extremely checked out student.

life is waiting for me in kansas city. it’s like christmas is right around the corner – on may 16th i get to unwrap a whole new phase of my life – only in order to make it to christmas i have to first accomplish a bunch of tasks in order to make it home…actually that sounds more like the Wizard of Oz. only instead of bringing back the broom of the wicked witch of the west, this metaphorical Dorothy has been forced to complete a handful of assignments that, while not life-threatening, are equally as obnoxious as that stupid witch’s cackle.

when i have the “what i’m doing after college” conversation with people i typically tell them all about how thrilled i am to work at hillcrest, move into an apartment in kc, live in the same city as my girlfriend, etc, but eventually they get to the “is it going to be sad leaving manhattan” question. i usually answer by telling them the following…

every remotely nice day there are two major events occurring on my street in manhattan. first, the house across the street from mine hosts an event in their front lawn that i like to call “let’s drink natural light and blare this year’s country stampede artists on our truck stereos”. second, our neighbors to the west don their cowboy hats and boots and roll out a shopping cart with horns on it. they then spend the next two hours lassoing that shopping cart in their driveway.

i can’t get to kansas city fast enough.


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