>royals marketing fail.

>so the royals are giving away replica jerseys this saturday. the first 20,000 fans will don* the number 40 in order to commemorate the royals’ 40th anniversary. this is a pretty cool promotion, except for one major flaw:

kyle farnsworth is #40.

yes, kyle farnsworth. the one who “throws gas” – but never manages to ignite it into a fireball or even smoke – it’s just a 100 mph meatball for guys named thome or young to pummel 427 feet. so far the royals have lost 5 times. he has lost 3 of them – and in impressive fashion. just the guy you want to be wearing your anniversary number. this is almost as disappointing as billy butler jersey night was last year. disappointing is an understatement. more like embarrassing.

if he comes in to pitch on saturday people ought to just put their new jerseys on the end of a stick and wave it around in surrender. and then it can continue until they wise up and either send him down to omaha or drop him entierly. what a disappointing beginning to the 2009 promotions.


* – i’ve utilized the word “don” in two consecutive posts now.

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