>orc dx.

>karlie and i ate dinner at oklahoma joe’s yesterday and i just couldn’t resist the freshly stocked disc selection. after much deliberation i decided on the Orc DX. i went out and played 18 with it at swope park this afternoon (in the stupid stupid wind), and i’m pleased to report that its a pretty great disc. i didn’t get a perfect feel for it because of the wind, but i have a sense that the Orker and i will be great friends.

here’s my spike hyzer drive on hole 12:

took it on my phone, so it’s not the best photo, but i was pleased with the tombstone outcome. and what a lovely shade of blue. i call it “it’s a boy!” blue.

and just for the record, here are the discs i’d like to own next (in order):
skeeter dx.
r-pro dart.
champion groove.
pro wraith.
star TL.

i need to revolutionize my bag. it’s pretty battered and warped. i know there are maybe 3 people who frequent my blog that give a rip about what i’ve got in my disc golf bag. but you know what? i’m excited again. and i’m addicted again.


3 thoughts on “>orc dx.”

  1. >does your new one really have that sick (sick=sweet) drawing of an orc on it??love it.but i like the blue midrange one best.it’s the colors.because we all know that that’s all that matters.

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