>rbi baseball/rbi baseball 3.

>when i get too frustrated with RC Pro AM, i call it quits and play RBI Baseball instead. i used to own RBI Baseball AND RBI Baseball 3. unfortunately i’ve managed to lose RBI 3 over the last few months because i remember playing it as recently as last semester. interesting. if someone out there stole RBI 3 from me – i’d like it back please. because 3 is so much better than the original for the following reasons:

1. you can dive and jump with your position players by using the D-Pad and hitting B. RBI 3 is a web gem machine. the diving play is by far the best feature in this game. suddenly 6-4-3 double plays becomes tons more exciting. finally, those just out of reach ground balls are fieldable, and those texas leaguers that flip just over your infielders’ heads are finally catchable.

2. larger team selection. in the original, you can only play with the 10 teams: the 8 that made the playoffs in 1987 and the American and National league all-star games. you can also play with different teams from different years between 1983 and 1990 – for example, you can play with the 1982, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1990 St. Louis Cardinals. i’m not totally sure, but i think you can play as all the postseason teams in that 7 season span. that way you can replay the 1985 world series.

3. replays! with the endless web gems that are produced with the jump and dive option, there are an equal number of “i have to see that again!” moments. when you dive or jump and on any close play, there’s an automatic replay. no more trying to convince your friends of the sick play you just made, and no more arguing with the “umpire” about whether or not you were safe at first. the replay will do that for you. genius addition.

4. head first slides! players are just so much more b.a. in this game than they are in the original. no more slow motion boring safety slides, these guys get dirty.

5. new songs! no more do they only have two different songs. in the original version of the game, they play one song constantly until you get a guy on base. then they play the “ba-ses-loa-ded-ba-ses-loa-ded…” song until the bases are cleared again. and then it’s right back to the original tune. but in RBI 3 there are at least 4 different tunes that will come on throughout the game. AND they play the star-spangled banner before each game (well…until the ‘twilight’s last gleaming’). AND they play OH CANADA if you’re playing the montreal expos or the toronto bluejays.

6. all the players look like a pre-steriods barry bonds instead of a post-thanksgiving dinner billy butler. in the original version, rick reuschel is his actual size on the mound for the giants. the problem is that everyone else in the game is his size too. so when you’re stealing a base with, say, vince coleman or ricky henderson, it looks more like john kruk is lumbering down the base path. in RBI 3, guys are much more trim and appear to glide around the bases like john buck on a gapper to right-center.

so if someone out there knows where my copy of RBI 3 is, i’d love to have it back. i’ve been playing RBI Baseball and it’s just not as satisfying as it’s grandchild. and if anyone ever wants to play me in this game – bring it on. there’s nothing more enjoyable than some serious NES trash talking.

also, this is awesome: it’s the end of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, RBI Baseball style. incredible job, and a genius idea. here it is:

i made the bottom of this video orange/yellow. i like it more than the pink/red.

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