>july 09: road trip.

>i’m currently sitting alone at scooters on the plaza. times like this have been rare this summer. i’m typically splitting time between work and other loved ones. moments spent completely alone (besides going to sleep) are few and far between. so it feels good to be able to rejuvenate a bit before i ditch for the lake and begin my 5 week road trip. i say “road trip” in more of a sports team going away from home for an extended period of time…not literally on the road in a car.

this road trip will include:
4 days at the lake with the mann fam.
8 days in knoxville, tennessee, co-leading* a group of 113 individuals at a huge conference
5 days at youthfront camp west with the hillcrest middle school.
2 days in cedar rapids, iowa, to celebrate the Wedding of jon and my cousin, colleen.
11 days in Freaking, SPAIN, with kmannsizzler.

“freaking” isn’t really a city in spain, but it adds a fun and maybe confusing effect to the statement. and i like it.

the road trip departs in 2 hours and will conclude august 8. hopefully i’ll be able to share some of the experiences on here. i can guarantee at least one event will make it on this mug: HP6. oh goll. makes my lips numb and my pants wet just thinking about it.


* – and by “co” i mean “weesh did all the work and i’m passing it off like i’ve worked half as hard as she has.” don’t be fooled. i haven’t. she’s the best.

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