>hello U S and A.

>so its been 1 month and 1 day since john buck turned 29. its no coincidence that is the date of my last blog post. call me lame, a slacker, uncommitted, whatever. i’ll take it all, gladly accept it, and consider this my return to blogging.

in the last 6 weeks i’ve been to denver, buena vista, knoxville, eureka springs, cedar rapids, madrid nerja and granada…with layovers in paris, atlanta and detroit. also i’ve spent a bit of time in kansas city, not that anyone would know that. my own roommate hasn’t seen me for half an hour in that time frame. in the next 4 months i have relatively no plans to leave my city. so you can also consider this my homecoming.

i’ve finished reading zero books and have digested zero albums in that span too. relatively pathetic. i’ve made some serious headway on the devil’s cup though. it’s a narrative about coffee, or a ‘history of the world according to coffee’…where it came from, why it came from and what that means to the world. this guy goes on a pilgrimage following coffee’s past – starting in ethiopia and yemen (where coffee originated). its amazing to me. probably wouldn’t entice many of you. but for those of you who give a rip about the elaborate cup of dirty caffeinated water you drink each morning…you might find it interesting at least. he talks so much about the importance that each cup has to the area and how it was created. makes me sad that american coffee equals burnt corporate starbucks coffee when the rest of the world has such interesting regional cups. oh well.

oh and i almost got stuck with the gypsys in spain. you can read about that adventure here. and you can learn more about gypsys here.

also, if you’re ever having a crummy day, or if you have a long drive through the middle of the night, put on some huey lewis and the news, it’ll cheer you right up.


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