>my fantasy football team.

>i’ve never played fantasy football before. i always get to about week 3 and think “ah crap, i forgot to talk to some guys and get a league together.” but this year, those guys came to me. the graduated seniors from hillcrest asked me to join their league before they ditched next week for college.

the draft was tonight at buffalo wild wings (which, by the way, gives your draft group $100 free food and a draft packet with stickers of all the players’ names to stick on a sweet draft board). here is the team i ended up with:

peyton manning – ind
joe flacco – bal
kerry collins – ten

brandon jacobs – nyg
joseph addai – ind
fred taylor – ne
dominic rhodes – buf

larry fitzgerald – ari
steve smith – car
lee evans – buf
santana moss – was
devon hester – chi
hakim nicks – nyg
laverneus coles – cin
robert meachem – no
antwaan randle el – was
jordy nelson – gb

kellen winslow – tb

rob bironas – ten

baltimore ravens
indianapolis colts

better hope kellen winslow stays healthy. but would you look at my tight receiver core? i even added randle el and jordy as my own feel-good picks. i can’t wait til this season kicks off.

also you’ll notice i have zero members from the AFC West. two reasons: 1. i can’t root for the other teams that i hate and 2. my confidence in the chiefs is minimal.

i feel more than confident about my team however. i feel like rolling sixes all over these dudes. no mercy anymore fellas, you’re out of high school now. you’re in the real world. i’m all business and you best get out of the way.


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