>respect the royalty.

this is me sitting at dunn bros at 8:30 on saturday morning, i came to work on hillcrest stuff for tomorrow morning, but as it turns out i feel more confident upon arriving here this morning than i did when i set my alarm last night planning to wake up and get some work done. so i’ll blog instead.

my internship is going great – so much better than my past summer internships. i feel like i’m being challenged, i’m growing, i’m not being cutely shepherded along in everything that i do (as was the case in past summers), but i’m being given some terrific freedom and ownership of the things i’m in charge of. i’m also getting repeated confirmation that this is what i’m supposed to do with my life. i feel like i’ve been ready for this next step for a couple years, and it feels really good to step into a new level of responsibility.

speaking of steps – i was eating some red vines and talking to tim (my boss, friend, and softball teammate) this week about what my future looks like. while i am not a gypsy and cannot transparently foresee the future, i know where my life is headed and can make a couple rather good estimates on different avenues i could take. namely:

1. i could stay at hillcrest for two years and look for a full time covenant youth job a couple years from now, or…
2. i could start putting my resume out there starting in december and plan on ditching kc around may for another covenant youth job.

…”youth” should probably read “middle school”.

both of these ideas scare me. i’m leaning towards the first option (mainly because i dont think my heart would be able to handle running away from the city and people i love just yet), but i’m starting to wonder if i should start looking now? the thought of leaving kc is devastating, but is it something God has for me to step into?

good thing these decisions are months away…but now that i’ve said that i realize that “months” isn’t really a very long time away at all. oh goll.

i might have just wet my pants.


also i want everyone to realize that cedar rapids and overland park are 2 of the top 10 places to grow up. i will add that OP is one of the best places to move when you’re newlyweds. i have no article to link to supporting this claim, but when you guys move here you’ll understand that it is absolute truth. that is all.

2 thoughts on “>respect the royalty.”

  1. >get ready…COMMENT!best p.s. i've ever read. i can't believe both op AND cr are listed in the top ten of the ENTIRE united states. problem is, grad school is WAY cheaper if you get in-state, and who the heck knows whether you guys'll still be around in a year? answer me THAT, cousin of bride-friend of groom.

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