>a blog involving N*E*R*D, michael jackson, hungryboy10, youth ministry books and calculus tutoring.

>i’ve been getting back into N*E*R*D lately. and by “getting back into” i mean that i’ve been listening to strictly fly or die and in search of… for about 3 weeks now. i’ve decided that the neptunes (pharrell williams and chad hugo) are the source of my favorite beats – maybe with the exception of mr. kanye west and the king of pop himself.

speaking of MJ: i was at 810 zone with one twittering and one non-twittering homie watching the mexico/usa officiating nightmare, and this chunky, newly-corporate, mid-20’s babyface sitting at the table to my right says the following phrase to the other gentleman at his table…

“dude. did you hear michael jackson died?”


have you not been out from the rock you live under/your parents basement in the last 2 months? is this boy really that removed from all sorts of media? has he not gone into a single store and seen the various magazines putting out michael jackson tribute editions at every register aisle? do you even know what the internet is? how does someone miss news like that? my guess is that he was hungryboy10 in the flesh, and that he had failed to notice due to the copious hours of world of warcraft he’s been playing.

moving on.

i got two new books last week that i’m really excited about. marko‘s newest book “middle school ministry: a comprehensive guide to working with early adolescents” and doug fields’* book “your first two years in youth ministry“. books with straightforward titles are my favorite i’ve decided. except for catcher in the rye. that title is in no way straightforward, but it’s my favorite book. i should probably say that it holds true for non-fiction at least.

* – okay. i’ve asked about this before, but how do you make a name that ends in an ‘s’ possessive? mostly i’m curious about the name “JESUS” because thats the one that comes up most often in my lifecourse. jesus’? jesus’s? i’m very clueless.

also i’m tutoring my youngest sister in pre-calculus this year. i’m actually excited about it. not only do i get to see my sister, but i get to do math and get paid and do my laundry and eat a meal when i come home to help her out. it starts tomorrow. i’m going to probably have to add a math book to my list of new books too. can’t wait.

anyway. thats probably enough things to talk about. otherwise my title will keep getting longer and longer. sweet. late.


ps…i might get twitter? gasp.

4 thoughts on “>a blog involving N*E*R*D, michael jackson, hungryboy10, youth ministry books and calculus tutoring.”

  1. >According to the Associated Press Stylebook, a noun ending in "s" is made possessive by adding only an apostrophe at the end of the word, e.g. "Jesus' sandals". However, MLA style prescribes an apostrophe followed by an s, even for nouns ending in s, e.g. "Jesus's sandals". Apparently Microsoft Word agrees with the AP and not the MLA, as my "Jesus's" just got a squiggly red underline. I'm a fan of AP style in most cases, including this one.Conclusion: Do whatever the heck you want.

  2. >concerning twitter, i've held out for so long because of the few people that read my blog, even fewer would read my twitter and it would be pointless.but there are certain features of twitter that i think you have to have an account to use. annoying.

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