>father/son trip to stl.

>my dad and i went to st. louis this past weekend. here’s our trip highlights:

throwing rocks. our favorite pasttime.

check out the cute little tugboat puttering through the arch.

bob gibson outside new busch stadium.

ozzie smith. my all-time favorite ballplayer.

view from the top row of busch stadium. so huge.

this was the time when albert pujols hit a walk-off home run to win the game in the bottom of the 9th.

oh look. a chris carpenter and yadier molina post-game photo-op.

kings cross is apparently in union station in st. louis. never knew.

budweiser brewery tour.

these are pipes. the sub-text probably isn’t important on this picture, but i dont wait it to feel left out.

this is what the middle of the bud plant looks like. pretty beautiful area. also they have a free “hospitality room” that follows the free tour. i’d suggest that everyone does this tour at some point.

anyway. that was much easier than writing out all the highlights in detail. terrific weekend. a picture tells a thousand words or something like that. so there’s 11,187 words for you. dang. long post.


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