>snow leopard and the planet Hoth.


i just installed the new Mac OS X (also called snow leopard) on to my laptop. is it worth it? probably. it freed up tons of disc space and everything seems to be running much snappier than before. it’s fresh and clean.
the only problem i’ve had with it so far is that firefox would only work for about 9 seconds and then it would “unexpectedly quit” on me. but i just opened the new safari 4, downloaded firefox over again and i haven’t had a problem since. feels good.
and speaking of snow, i got a new favorite tshirt.

complete with the Hoth battle scene at the bottom.
the ATAT on the right is falling over – while intimidating, i never really found the walkers very practical. any machine that can be tripped doesn’t seem too powerful to me. but the shirt is sweet. i’m a sucker for anything star wars. probably why i spent too much on this new tshirt, and way too much on both star wars trilogies back in june.
and, yet again, i have to give props to jedi gym. never gets old.

2 thoughts on “>snow leopard and the planet Hoth.”

  1. >i've been very curious about snow leopard. joel said it actually messed up while he was installing it, but i think it's because he had some antivirus checking software installed by uni when he started college and that interfered. worth the thirty bucks?

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