Ratatat – LP3

>at first i wasn’t a big fan of LP3.

Ratatat has been one of my favorite bands throughout college. track 1 off their self-titled debut album, seventeen years, is terrific. they’re all instrumental, so if you like lyrics then you’re out of luck, but for those of us who experience music better without words – Ratatat is for us.

it’s taken me a while to understand why i like the music i do. as i’ve grown older and (hopefully) wiser, i’ve begun to understand that it has absolutely nothing to do with poetry for me. i’ve also discovered that some of my favorite songs ever by some of my favorite artists…i have absolutely NO CLUE what the words are. but i could sing you the guitar solo, or duplicate the back beat, or tell you what other artists they gained influence from, or tell you what other bands some dude has sung for based solely on the sound of his voice against an instrumental accompaniment.

so i’ve slowly realized that music like Ratatat is music made for me. and i had been a huge fan of both of their albums prior to LP3 – Ratatat and Classics, but when LP3 came out last year, i wasn’t immediately hooked. it didn’t possess the killer track like “Seventeen Years” on Ratatat or “Wildcat” on Classics. those songs sucked my right into the album. i thought LP3 lacked that suck-me-in track.

i listened to their “biggest hit” on the album – Mirando – and thought it was jolly enough, but it didn’t leave me desiring to hear more of the album. but then some friends of mine introduced me to Shempi. and then a few months later my iPod was on shuffle and Shiller came on. and i started to get pretty curious. and for the last couple weeks – it’s been my go-to album.

i don’t really have a review for it – it’s a harpsichord-heavy synth album that requires patience and dedication. there are few moments on the album that will blow you away (Shempi is an exception – that track rules), but the album as a whole might have you tapping your foot for quite some time.

so if you’re like me, and you love Ratatat – don’t give up on LP3. it’ll getcha. besides…just look at that sweet album artwork.


also, check out both of these Ratatat remix albums: Volume 1 & Volume 2 (click links for album downloads.) okay late.

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