>november sizzler: the blazin challenge.

last night the freshman, sophomore, and junior guys small groups went out to buffalo wild wings to participate in the BLAZIN CHALLENGE: 12 blazin wings, 6 minutes, no water, celery, ranch, napkins, wet naps etc. just your face and your fingers – to take the popular Pink lyric entirely out of context: “it’s just you and your hand tonight.”

of the 40-some fellas that came to bww, the freshman group had 5 dudes participating in the challenge, the sophomores had 8 and the juniors added one more, bringing the grand total to 14 dudes – which, as you know, is two times the number of perfection.*

fortunately, we had managed to time the beginning of the event with the beginning of Game 3 of the world series, so our challenge began as all other terrific american sporting events do: with the star-spangled banner. so all 40 guys were belting it out along with the thousands in citizens bank park in philadelphia. an epic beginning to an epic event.

here is the sophomore event in pictures (with captions…because we found out after my st. louis trip that i’m truly incapable of doing strictly picture posts):

this is my challenge batch. notice the two stickers on the left side: one says “blazin”…the other is a warning label.

the munching begins. bring it on.

caleb polishing off wing 2 of 12. although not participating, colin is equally fierce and even brought some chocolate milk to tease the contestants. cruel.

dave is well on his way as well. both dave and i rocked white t-shirts. rookie mistake? or savvy veteren confidence? we’ll see…

braden is a beast! he’s a freshman, so he doesn’t fit the “sophomore event in pictures” category, but LOOK AT THAT FACE! i had to include it. for more, check out tj’s blog with a video of the freshman event.

caleb is feelin the slow burn! jack is all business.

my co-leader and best friend dave records the best time: 2 minutes 10 seconds. atta boy.

second place! my time: 2 minutes, 32 seconds. and hark! the white tshirts proved to be a stroke of confidence for both dave and i – not a single drop of sauce ended up there!

the group is finishing up…this is when the endorphins all ran to my head apparently.

lip ice baths! caleb and kurtis enjoying a quick dip in their ice water following the event. hilarious.

the blazin’ graveyard. those bones didn’t stand a chance.

this may be the first of many blazin challenges i’ll participate in – all in all, i had a great time. i liked it so much that i might actually walk in to bww sometime this week and purchase 12 blazin wings for dinner. they were truly delicious. in the meantime, i’ll be practicing my technique and further increasing my spicy food tolerance. can’t wait for a rematch. the first sunday in november might’ve just become a new holiday and the host of an annual event. we’ll see.

welcome to november sizzler everybody. this just might be the best month ever.


* – john buck reference.

3 thoughts on “>november sizzler: the blazin challenge.”

  1. >This post makes me miss you and all these boys. It also makes me glad that you are where you are, doing what God created you to do. Also cannot wait to see you and to get a huge hug. Love my brother Adam!

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