>getting out of the way.

>it’s interesting how easily we can get in the way of the work God is doing.

we can develop programs, create events and micro-manage details to the point that we’re limiting the power of God to what our own structure can handle. we end up putting the Holy Spirit within our own parameters rather than trying to figure out what steps we need to take to catch up to the work the Spirit is already doing in our ministries.

it’d be interesting to see how effective our ministries could be if we quit worrying about the details, and started showing up with open arms expecting God to show up and lead instead.


One thought on “>getting out of the way.”

  1. >I find that I am often challenged by the fine line between getting out of the way and not micro-managing details and the tendency that there is in ministry to call it getting out of the way, when in reality it is laziness. I'm not suggesting that's what you're advocating (I think I know you better than to assume that), but I am highlighting another end of the spectrum that I have seen. I know that in my youth ministry program at college there was a tendency, especially among the men, to be lazy in the name of letting the Holy Spirit do it's thang. I think it's the ability for us to get out of the way when God messes up our plans, (which is the bulk of your post), and step into that holy time. I agree, we try so hard to pry open doors and windows into the lives of kids…often at the expense of ignoring the openings that often exist. And why? Because it is difficult, scary and ultimately out of our control…so what, we don't trust it? Good reminders, Adam.

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