>j.j. abrams

“i came to realize that mystery was a better road to imagination than knowledge.”

easily my new favorite quote. no seriously. check my facebook info. it’s true.

i can’t stop thinking about it. he said it in reference to LOST, which….duh, but it goes so much deeper than just television/entertainment/santa claus’ existence. but i can’t even begin to structure my stream of thoughts into a coherent blog. maybe later. maybe never. maybe let me know your thoughts? hmmmm.


3 thoughts on “>j.j. abrams”

  1. >J.J. Abrams guest edited an issue of Wired a few months ago and wrote an essay on "The Magic of Mystery" as a sort of introduction to the issue. The essay also includes a pretty hilarious anecdote about Super Mario Bros 2. You should definitely read it.

  2. >if imagination is the end goal.but mystery can only really be engaging if there is actually something behind it right? otherwise people feel duped–but only if they ever come to the point of seeing behind the mystery. do we need the truth behind the mystery or just the thrill itself? what do you think?

  3. >great thoughts luke.i think truth is important – but the juxtaposition in this quote is between imagination via mystery and imagination via knowledge – i guess the "truth" could either be "true" or "false" – for example, is santa real? the imagination that question sparks is completely void if we already know the answer – regardless the outcome: yes, santa exists…it isn't really your parents. oh, ok. there's no magic, no excitement, no anticipation…just a dude who breaks into your house and leaves gifts. and obviously knowing the answer is "no" kills all the excitement.you could say the same thing about the question "where will i be in 10 years?" if you KNEW the answer, then there wouldn't be much use to the question. but the mystery in the question is exactly what keeps someone striving to find the answer.i also love thinking about this question in relation to who God is…if we KNEW everything about God, why would we follow him and seek to know him more? we wouldn't i don't think. the fact that there is always some mystery about Him and always some curiosity regarding spirituality is exactly why we continue to chase after Him.

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