bought a new car.

many of you know i got in my first car wreck a couple weeks ago. i kind of wish i could claim that it was scary and my car flipped and caught on fair, and that i was a hero and saved people from the wreckage before the car exploded or something.* but i was going 15 mph and the woman that hit me was going 5 mph. hit the wheel. bent the axle. totalled.

so i got a fat insurance check for way more than my old car was worth. sixes.

so i upgraded to a ’02 Mazda Protege5. it’s a 5-speed which makes me feel like a man more than anything else in my life. you guys can have your No Shave November. i’m no longer ashamed of my lack of facial hair. real men drive sticks.


* – this feeling could probably be transformed into a talk about how Christian kids who grow up in the church often feel lame for not having some awesome “i hit rock bottom” conversion experience.

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