goal for 2010: utilize my planner.

as you can see, i’m holding my 2010 Monthly Planning Guide. it was issued to me from hillcrest (which, btw, has a newly revamped and live website). it was issued to hillcrest from the U.S. Diary Company, which i first read as “U.S. Dairy Company”, and i found it odd that makers of milk and cheese also made planners. but i figured it out.

i’ve never been a true believer in a planner. i understand the point, and i understand that they are useful, but i also understand that i never remember to write in them.

back in middle and high school my mother would purchase me one of those school-issued planners every year, and every yearbook distribution day i would discover it hanging out with the empty Stewart’s Key Lime Soda bottles at the bottom of my locker.

but now that i’m a big kid, i just might need a calendar. and since i don’t have an iPhone (yet), i’m going to take my first strides with this sleek, burgandy, hard-copy monthly planning guide. call it a “resolution” if you want. but it really has nothing to do with New Year’s…other than that it’s a monthly calendar and the first day listed is January 1.

so a goal of mine for 2010 – utilize my planner.


6 thoughts on “goal for 2010: utilize my planner.”

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