i admit that this is a blog for blogging’s sake.

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>i fell like i get on here all the time to write something, but i don’t really have an abundance of things to talk about.*

scratch that. reverse it.

the last couple weeks have been good ones – we left the worst month of the year and entered the second-worst – that’s sort of an upgrade. and this month only has 28 days, so that’s something to celebrate as well…

probably the most exciting event to unfold over the last few weeks: my wife-to-be and i have been house hunting. my lease is up in may and that glorious tax credit is still available through the end of april – also the housing market is in prime buying condition – so NOW is the time to buy.

and by “now” i mean we may be putting in an offer tomorrow. crossies.

as if buying a car didn’t feel enough like an adult maneuver – now i’m actually buying a house? like a house house house.** it’s just insane.

something that HASN;T happened in the last few weeks: i still haven’t seen freaking avatar. cmon!


* – willy wonka reference – “we have so much time and so little to see!”
** – that thing you do! reference – “not one that we’d play.”


  1. >doesn't he only say "record" two times in TTYD? ps, that's what i'm watching w q on vday. NICE.i want to see your house except i can't drive home and see it any time soon. oh my i hope you get it. tell k hiiiii.

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