so i finally saw avatar. imax. in all three dimens…..

…oh what’s that? excuse me? ohhhh…yes. i’m perfectly aware that it’s been out for eight thousand days and that i’m a massive loser for not seeing it until now.* but lets go ahead and save all that unproductive banter for another time and cut to the chase:

avatar just changed my life.

okay not MY life specifically – although mine will be greatly affected – it just basically changed everybody’s perspective on how movies are viewed. a quick list of examples:

1. when i watch LOST tomorrow night, i will be thinking, “gee, sure would be cool if i could see the smoke monster roller coaster itself through the jungle in more than boring ole 2D. and the next time they show a clip on an airplane, i’ll be thinking, “hey, is it just me, or is the back of the plane a lot smaller than the front of the plane?” it’ll seem like that creepy hallway in the gene wilder version of willy wonka right before they go into the totally edible “world of pure imagination.”…i’d continue. but hello, spoiler alert.

okay so only one example. but it’s a good one.

the animation is the most absurd thing i’ve ever seen. just ridiculous. and by ridiculous i don’t mean like this ridiculous…i mean like vince carter ridiculous. at one point there’s a animated character, fighting a human who is in a robotic body suit. and i thought nothing of it because they all looked like they went together. i was blown away over and over again by how insane the cinematography was.

sure, the storyline was a futuristic retelling of pocahontas: a group of people invade another world in search of something valuable and have to wipe out the hippie indigenous people in order to get it. but then one of them gets too close to the indigenous people and joins their side and falls in love. war ensues. etc.

only difference is that, historically, the whites pretty much wiped out the native americans. avatar has a much happier ending…of course, disney managed to end pocahontas on a positive note too. must’ve forgotten about the whole small pox thing. convenient.

michelle rodriguez is in it. so that’s sorta a bummer. you’ll never guess what role she plays. oh nevermind, you got it. the super butch female soldier role. shocker.

also chad, who falls down in “that thing you do!” is in it. almost evens out the Tragedy of Ana Lucia…at least it wasn’t shannon. ugh.

also, sigourney weaver is in another movie about aliens.

anyway. it’s late and i can’t be typing about this all night like i did with LG. but here is my review in bullet point fashion:

– animation/cinematography: 12 out of 10
– acting: 5 out of 10
– storyline: 7 out of 10 – second coming of Poco? sure. but it’s still a powerful story. political even.

– but the real selling point: this movie is ground-breaking. NEVER has a movie been this…way. it’s the first of it’s kind and it is unbelievable. EVERYONE has to see this movie, and i am embarrassed that it took me this long to see it. wow.

– also the 3D is simply mesmerizing. i mean, way more mesmerizing than even antiques roadshow.

– conclusion: james cameron is a wizard…maybe they’ll let him do the final harry potter movie…


* -of course, i’m also the guy who just saw jurassic park for the first time last year. and still hasn’t seen the godfather OR scarface. also this was my first ever IMAX movie. so it probably shouldn’t be a shock that it took so long to see this one too. major flop. sigh. a tiger don’t change his stripes, i suppose.

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