my trip to LA has been interesting.

i had two goals going into this weekend:

1. start and finish rob bell’s jesus wants to save christians: a manifesto for a church in exile. i read the first part when it first came out, but put it down and feel i need to start it over. i made it 2/3 of the way through on the plane ride into LAX* – i would’ve finished it if the view of the grand canyon hadn’t been so amazing from my window seat.

2. get to know students as well as develop a better understanding of the los angeles youth culture through conversations with the them here at covenant camp at the alpine retreat center. this goal hasn’t gone as well. after waking up in kansas city at 4AM pacific time and going to sleep at 3AM pacific time yesterday – i wasn’t the greatest conversationalist. and then we had an issue at the camp – 4 middle schoolers decided to ransack all the cabins during chapel. they stole around $10,000 worth of phones, ipods and cash from leaders and students. that sorta stunted my opportunities to chat.

the theme this weekend here is “that’s so messed up.” it’s about pain and difficulty in life – all about how we live in a fallen world. that this isn’t the world God had in mind in creating it, but that through Jesus, he’s leading us all toward the way the world someday will be. flipping the world right side up and redeeming the messed up world we currently are a part of.

and what a great example in these dudes who got caught swiping everyone’s stuff. they’re spending the evening in juvenile detention. we’re encouraging the students to be praying for them and to help them in this messed up world that they’ve gotten tripped up on.

anyway. that’s what i’ve been doing in LA this weekend. also it’s snowing like crazy here in the california mountains and it’s freezing cold and i want to go back to kansas city. i’ll be back here in 2 weeks though. wonder if it’ll be equally interesting next time.


* – btw. after watching the season 6 premiere of LOST, entitled “LA X” i couldn’t stop thinking about everything lost throughout my flight and landing. at baggage claim i definitely said, “LOOK! that’s where kate hijacks claire’s taxi at gunpoint!” also, i’m in a blizzard in LA while it’s sunny in KC. definitely the work of an ALT TIMELINE.

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