video blogs & super jack brothers.

>i’m thinking about dabbling in video blogs.

i have a feeling that they’re a more effective way of communicating than writing paragraphs, bullet points, etc. they’re more interactive and more interesting. and i feel like with my editing experience, they’d be equally as tasking to post.

BUT there are definitely pros and cons to both. for example, i can’t embed clever links/asterisks in videos, but i can in text.* but when i get super excited about something – say, the LOST finale – there’s no way that text can fully capture the high degree of emotion that i’m feeling in that moment.

so that’s on the horizon.

also – this is the best ever (warning, potential spoiler):



* – see?

One thought on “video blogs & super jack brothers.”

  1. >"YES!"i love that last part. you should totally do a vlog,of most anyone i know, you'd be really good at could still do asterisks.just edit in an asterisk to the top corner when you want to insert something in, and then write it in the post after the video embed.or subtitle it or something.subtitle asterisks.i'm seriously innovative.

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