happy birthday to john buck (the all-star himself).

july 7, 1980, kemmerer, wyoming – greatness was born. and here we are, 30 years later, and greatness is traveling to his first all-star game.

let’s be completely honest – none of us saw this coming. even the most devout fans had not considered mr. incredible to be a serious all-star game candidate. even when he was a member of the “we send one player because every team gets to send one player” royals.

who knew that when the royals traded him away to toronto he would receive the 3rd most votes among american league catchers? and sure, he’s only getting to play because victor martinez is hurt and the AL needed a replacement. but the reality is that John Buck is traveling to Anaheim this weekend to play in the all-star game. the ALL-STAR GAME. WHAT.

can i add his American League jersey to my wedding registry? or can i start taking up donations so that i can get it? or you could just go buy it for me here? i simply must own it.

back on march 31, i put together a quick blog comparing buck and jason kendall’s spring training statistics. for the most part, john was making kendall look like a joke (coincidentally his initials are JK – interesting). kendall was batting .139 to buck’s .304. you can read more here.

lets look at their halfway point stats:

buck .269 avg, .502 slg, 13 hr, 40 rbi.
kendall .267 avg, .319 slg, 0 hr, 29 rbi.

not even a contest. also, can we look at my season predictions for JB?!

.268 avg, .524 slg, 18 hr, 84 rbi

could he be anymore on pace to NAIL those numbers? i mean literally, do i know my favorite player or what?!

also there are only two catchers on the AL roster. joe mauer and john buck. good company for sure – here’s to hoping that john comes in for mauer for some late inning heroics. perhaps a walk-off dinger?! all-star mvp?! ooooooo man – the possibilities! i’ll be tuning in for sure.*

enjoy your birthday john. hope your trip to anaheim didn’t spoil any vacation plans you had for your birthday weekend. hopefully they added to the festivities.


and ps: wikipedia has it listed that buck throws….switch!? i’m researching this

* – i can say things like this now that i have directv. holler.

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