superbowl xlv.

>so the superbowl happened last night. congrats to the pack. here are some thoughts that i had during and following the game:

1. the emergence of jordy nelson – the k-state alum led all receivers with 140 yards – twice as many as any other receiver on the field – and scored the first points of the game. in 17 regular season games he put up 500+ yards – in the playoffs he had nearly 300. jordy suddenly emerged as aaron rodgers’s favorite target: 15 times in the superbowl (of course, the injury to donald driver helped that). on most teams, jordy would be a legit #2 receiver. unfortunately he’s playing 3rd or 4th fiddle behind jennings and driver. his future looks great – especially as driver is aging.

2. black eyed box heads feat. usher surprise – finally. we are redeemed from the janet jackson mishap. we’ve been subjected to mick jagger’s 80 year-old midriff and the boss’s camera crotch slide as punishment during this pop-music purgatory. glad that’s behind us. however, i wasn’t sure the black eyed peas were the answer.

rough start, but that’s to be expected when you’re leading with tracks off an auto-tuned lackluster album. couple that with fergie’s microphone issues, and her overall lack of musical talent, and i thought we were in for a real bummer show. it hit a low point when fergie was grinding on slash. just unfortunate.

but then they turned a corner with “pump it” and “lets get it started”. all i was hoping for was one track off Elephunk and Monkey Business, and i got both. phew. all my hopes and dreams were fulfilled that easily. but then…surprise! broke into “omg” and usher decended from the worlds largest hd screen to blow our minds with his white kerchief. did i fist pump? yes.

the whole “LOVE” theme they ended with? total throw away for me. you can’t grind your booty on slash’s guitar and expect anyone to think you have a healthy concept of love. they saved the show with the box head dancers – felt like a Von Trap family/youtube sensation/flight of the conchords “humans are dead”/TRON mash up – and i absolutely loved it. then they heel clicked and i gasped at the greatness of the choreography. so simple. so silly. nailed it.

overall – 6/10…which was 3/10 more than i was anticipating.

3. why are the commercials so bad? is it really that difficult to brainstorm a 30 second concept that makes people laugh? i’m supposed to think that a grizzly cowboy singing “tiny dancer” is funny? godaddy dupes the nation into lusting after joan rivers? not funny. half of the commercials were either FOX promos or movie previews (though i was very intrigued by that new j.j. abrams movie…though i am very biased.) i was glad that they companies ditched the “lets make fun of the male gender” theme they went with last year. but they replaced it with…nothing. doritos seemed to be the only ones who came to play.

but the mini-darth vader VW commercial was so great.

welp. that’s all i’ve got. you stay classy, internet.


One thought on “superbowl xlv.”

  1. >You missed CA's … whatever that was she sang.Okay on Jordy,he just missed being first MVP receiver to drop 3 passes, when he lost number 4. Although that did boost A-Rogs MVP chances. And yes, I sm ready for a Passat, only if they throw in the entire SW series.

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