guat 2011: from san juan to antigua.

>our last day of teaching was terrific. the art group did face painting, science had space day, english taught about foods, but most importantly, some amazing relationships blossomed. what a bummer it was to leave the kids; it is amazing the bonds you can develop over 5 days, but they are strong as ever. we will miss the san juan community greatly.

last night we had the opportunity to share a meal with the teachers and then exchange encouraging words with them. they are such amazing people. its such a joy to see a group of people so committed to the growth and development of these kids. so many times we have talked about what God is already doing in san juan…they are a great part of it.

this morning we awoke normal time for breakfast and by 9am we were being escorted to the docks by the 6th grade class! the boat ride across was quick and flawless and we were to panajachel and on to antigua by 130pm.

the last hours have been spent shoppingand bartering, laughing and lounging in our new home in antigua for the next day.

it is sad to be away from san juan, but we know the missions trip hasn’t ended yet – even though our teaching is over, we are still seeking for places to serve and aid in God’s call. pray for our final 48 hours and for safe travels. see you all soon!!


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One thought on “guat 2011: from san juan to antigua.”

  1. >Really enjoyed/appreciated the blog posts from each of you this week. We have continued to pray for you all and for those who live there year round. the Chans

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