verge 2012 student blog.


our jacob’s well high school group is on a missions/adventure trip in colorado this week. we’ve spent the last three days working in inner city denver with Center for Student Missions at various ministry sites around the city. our students have been amazing, and a couple wanted to share their experiences thus far on the interwebz. here’s some insight from macyann…

oh my gosh I have had so much fun being in Colorado! One of the coolest experiences for me has been being able to really see how the life of a homeless person works. a lot of the time I think that all of us really take homeless people for granted. it’s sad but it’s kinda true. meeting some of these people was extremely eye opening. one of our nights spent in Denver we went all around down town and did many of the things that a homeless person would have to do. one of these tasks was asking for a job application. my group went to McDonald’s only to find that you could only take the application on line. how disappointing would it be if you were a homeless person with nothing left to lose, to walk into McDonald’s only to find out exactly what we did. these people aren’t just lazy dopes that lay around all day. some of them are, but many of them really try.

I think many of us are intimidated by the homeless. this might be because they never shower and only have one pair of cloths. everyone has a story. sometimes it just takes one of us asking them a simple question. we can so often put people in generalized groups. they’re all different and many have great stories. i had the pleasure of talking to some of these kind of people. right when you start to talk to them you can just see their eyes light up. some people are just lonely and need someone to hear their stories. it just takes a willing person with a heart!

– macyann c.

and now some thoughts from chacko…

Incredible. that’s the first thing that comes to mind. putting so many smiles on people’s faces really impacted me. meeting the refugees and teaching them English to packing food boxes for the homeless, it all gave us the feeling of excitement. I personally have never seen god work in that way before. most of the time, we just skip passed the homeless and we don’t realize what they are really dealing with. when we traveled to the Senior Service Center, they were so happy to talk to us. it felt so good to hear the stories of many people. even when they heard that we were from Kansas City, most of them cheered and said, “Kansas City here we come!”

overall, this trip has been a life changing experience. I’ve never felt this way for helping people before. I help at a soup kitchen once in a while in Kansas City but nothing like on this trip. I hope more people get to do this. it will change everyone in every way possible.

-Chacko F.

that’s it for now. might be some more student blogs to check out later in the week. i’m so proud of our group – how they’ve engaged in the work in denver, but also how they have encouraged one another and grown as a group.

tomorrow and friday bring whitewater rafting, rock climbing, hot springs and mountain climbing. should be a blast. thanks for your prayers – keep em coming!


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