alan rickman makes a cup of tea.

there are certain individuals that are awesome at whatever they do. doesn’t matter how mundane or routine the task is, that individual automatically makes the action at least 80x terrificer. some examples include…
– morgan freeman
– star wars characters
michael caine
– james earl jones (see: recites the alphabet)
– any of the three amigos: steve martin, chevy chase, martin short
– ?uestlove
– justin timberlake (rumored to have finally married jessica biel over the weekend – link)
– “the most interesting man in the world”
jared allen
– daft punk

…just to name a few. feel free to suggest more via comments. personally, i’d put alan rickman in the “in the conversation but not quite elite status” category, but when you add in super slow-mo and the inception soundtrack, he’s an immediate lock.


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