nfl picks.

the NFL gets underway tonight in the meadowlands – cowboys at giants. i’ve spent the majority of my day writing a research paper, but i’m taking a 10 minute break to put together my picks for the 2012-13 NFL season.

just like the guys on espn, i’m no expert, but i like to make my picks on the following formula:
– 70% logical reasoning
– 30% emotional response

okay. let’s get to it. already 2 of my 10 minutes are up. in light of tonight’s game, let’s start in the NFC East…

NFC East: New York Giants – Dallas and Philly are both going to be better, but Eli is in his prime now and Reuben Randle is on both of my fantasy teams.

NFC North: Green Bay Packers – Strongest team in the strongest division (excluding the Vikings). Lions and Bears are both going to be great, but the Packers are simply better. As long as their defense improved slightly, they should still win this division easily.

NFC South: New Orleans Saints – Bounty scandal? They’re lucky there isn’t another elite QB in this division otherwise i’d be worried. Freeman, Newton and Ryan are all good, but Drew Brees will be Drew Brees and the Saints will still win 11 games.

NFC West: Seattle Seahawks – It’ll be a dogfight between the Hawks and the 49ers for this division. The 49ers defense simply can’t be as good as it was last year and Pete Carroll is just great. Russell Wilson wins Offensive ROY and the Seahawks make the playoffs with 11 wins.

NFC Wild Cards: Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys – Bears are maybe the 3rd best team in the NFC, but barely the second best team in their division. I’m very interested in the North this year. Too bad Jay Cutler is the worst. Eagles could take this spot from the Cowboys – Vick/McCoy/Maclin/Jackson are just so fast – but I think Dez Bryant is going to be huge this year and Romo will make it happen.

AFC East: New England Patriots – Tom Brady is just so good. But this team isn’t even about Brady anymore, it’s about their unorthodox offense and unlimited weapons. Should win this division easily.

AFC North: Baltimore Ravens – This will not be won easily. The Bengals and Steelers will both come to play, but Ray Rice will just run over people this year, and Joe Flacco is always good enough to get the job done.

AFC South: Houston Texans – This team is dangerous. To me, New England is the only team that stands in the way for the Texans. If they miss the AFC Championship game, I’ll be shocked. Premier defense, elite RB and WR combo. Actually…this team is like the upgraded version of the Chiefs…

AFC West: Kansas City Chiefs – Homer pick? Maybe. Most people are picking the Broncos here because Peyton Manning is the man, and I understand that. But with the exception of QB, the Chiefs are better than Denver at nearly every position. Charles + Hillis could run for 3,000 yards, and Baldwin is going to be great by the end of the year. As long as Cassel minimizes mistakes and we win the games we should (read: Oakland) we should be in a good position.

AFC Wild Cards: Cincinnati Bengals, Tennessee Titans – I’m high on Cincinnati. Maybe it’s Dalton. Maybe it’s the fact that the Law Firm is awesome and never fumbles. Maybe it‘s the fact that AJ Green is awesome too. The Titans are a sleeper pick obviously – Chris Johnson is just as good as he was supposed to be last year, and I think he’ll have a monster year, but the rest of the AFC doesn’t impress me much. This spot is up for grabs for a lot of teams in my mind.

NFC Championship: Bears over Giants
AFC Championship: Texans over Patriots
Superbowl: Texans over Bears

There’s my picks. My head tells me to pick NE, GB, or NY to win, but my heart says Chicago and Houston. I was born in Houston…there’s a fun fact.

Also, You can tell I’ve been typing a research paper all day because i’ve capitalized this entire post. whoops.


One thought on “nfl picks.”

  1. nice picks, nice punctuation and grammar, nice all around. i’m with you on seattle. i wonder if houston’s offensive line will be good enough this year after some key losses to get them to the super bowl. i would like it if they won it though. i’m tired of ny, gb, ne–though gb wouldn’t be terrible i guess. i hope the chiefs win the division, but i’m just really unsure about what i think of them right now. of course i feel the same way about the rest of the division too. we’ll see.

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