mlb postseason predictions.

Wild Card:
Texas over Baltimore
Atlanta over St. Louis

reasoning: i think both home teams win here. my heart says orioles and cardinals (obviously), but i think the home crowd is too much for both teams. the rangers have been reeling, but i think they figure out a way to win one game when it counts. atlanta has been hot, and i just think medlan is too good. plus, now i can either be wrong on here or right in my heart. here’s to hoping i picked wrong.

Detroit over Oakland
New York over Texas

reasoning: i think home field advantage is going to hurt teams in the divisional series. especially a team like oakland who needs their hype and momentum to continue here. i think having to start with two games on the road puts them in a hole they can’t get out of. and i just think the yankees are the better team. texas feels very lackluster to me lately.

Cincinnati over San Francisco
Washington over Atlanta

reasoning: i hate the reds, but they’re a great team and should be able to win in 5. i really like the nationals and i don’t care if they’re newbies in the postseason. i think they have proved repeatedly that they’re probably the best team in the majors.

Detroit over New York

reasoning: recent history has shown us that the yankees always choke at some point. this is it for them here. verlander will take over and so will miggy.

Washington over Cincinnati

reasoning: i think this will be the best series this postseason. both of these teams deserve a shot at the world series, but i hate the reds and can’t pick them. i will say this though: aroldis chapman is my favorite. man that dude is awesome.

World Series:
Washington over Detroit

reasoning: can strasburg come back for a game in the series? doubt it. i miss him. but i think the nationals are the best team in the mlb and will win it all this year. plus. NL has home field again. also, it’s an election year, so DC winning feels appropriate.


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