argyle socks are important to me.

my wife and i celebrated our anniversary a week ago today. well, that’s only sort of true. our anniversary was last tuesday, but due to the busyness of this season, we aren’t officially celebrating it until next weekend. i can’t wait.

the reception at my wedding was hands down the most fun i’ve ever had in all my life. and how could it not have been? all my favorite people in all the world came together to dance and laugh together. how can anything ever compete with that?

my wedding ring is awesome. it’s made of super heavy tungsten, and when i spin it on a flat surface, it keeps spinning on its side for over 2 minutes. which is a loooong time for something to spin. it has become apart of me – i’m used to its weight and how it feels on my finger. and since i never take it off, i sometimes forget i’m even wearing it and it startles me when i accidentally rap it on a stair railing or my desk or something. it’s a fun reminder about how thankful and lucky i am to be married to my wife.

argyle socks season holds a similar reminder for me. please take a moment and observe the banner photo at the top of my blog. those are the feet of my six groomsmen and me. (i’m the one with the skinniest legs and the tiniest feet, if you’re wondering.) i purchased an argyle socks variety pack and let my groomsmen pick which pair they wanted. all different. all awesome. here’s the list from left to right:
– nick g (navy/gray/burgandy)
– dan (tarheel blue/navy/white)
– nick w (tan/white/navy)
– chris (maroon/forest green/navy)
– apc (gray/orange/black)
– dave (kahki/light blue/beige)
– jon (black/forest green/charcoal)

the pack i bought contained two sets of each pair, so i got to keep one pair of each color that my groomsmen wore. this is awesome for two reasons:
1. i have a week’s worth of argyle wedding socks.
2. i get to remember my groomsmen each day depending on what color i wear.

today, i’m wearing dan’s socks. yesterday i wore chris’s. in the same way i think about my wife whenever i look at my wedding band, i remember my closest group of friends every morning when i pull on a different pair of argyle socks. it’s just another way to remember the most fun night of my life and the important people who surrounded me that night.

so next time you catch a glimpse of my socks, you’ll be able to come back here and cross-reference. oh boy.


One thought on “argyle socks are important to me.”

  1. I wore those socks today, and I two stepped my way through the halls at the middle school. They were rapping something new and raunchy, I was humming Daft Punk.

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