the summit.


the summit was awesome to say the least. easily the best youth ministry conference i’ve ever been to. the youth cartel (marko and adam) decided they wanted to start a revolution in youth ministry, so they hosted this event as a thinktank for cultivating new ideas. it worked.

well, i should say that it will work – after i somehow sift through the outrageously mindmelting info i encountered it will work. but the last two days since i returned has been an overwhelming experience. how am i supposed to implement all the genius ideas and concepts i was presented with? what does all this mean for my ministry? how do i take this info and turn it into something practical and effective?

eighteen presenters took the stage within 24 hours of each other. most of them had written books or dissertations on the subject they were speaking on, but they had to cram it into a 12 minute TED-talk-style presentation and they went back to back all evening, morning and afternoon.

it was like drinking from a youth ministry firehose.

it was so refreshing, but i feel like for every nugget if information i was able to retain i totally missed out on about 202 other brilliant thoughts, ya know? thankfully, all the talks are downloadable and i can sift back through them over the next few weeks, months, years…

but for now, here are a couple bits that i’m currently chewing on…

“memories and experiences are not biodegradable…somewhere between the ages 6 and 16 figure out how to cope with life, and eventually it becomes habit.”
rhett smith, family counselor and author of “the anxious christian”

“we often times have to articulate what it is we think and what it is we believe in order for that belief to form us. when we talk we construct our identities.”
amanda drury, phd in practical theology, princeton theological seminary

“ideas need to have sex with each other. you may have half of an idea, and you need to meet the person that has the other half.”
charles lee, ceo, ideation

“it is not the success or failure of the risk that defines us. it is our response.”
bobby john, serial entrepreneur, tech savant, lay pastor

“hopeful imagination repersonalizes the gospel and it reprioritizes the atonement where it should be – it is enough.”
chris folmsbee, youth min consultant, and director of barefoot ministries

“i think the most dangerous thing in the world is a young person who has no one to be accountable to.”
gregory ellison ii, dissertation on muteness and invisibility in youth ministry

those six quotes are consuming my thoughts this week. maybe it will be six different quotes next week. hopefully it will be stories about how these thoughts have created something new and beautiful.


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