haiku reviews – frank ocean. jack white. bruno mars.

how about some haiku reviews?! it’s been six months since i first did any of these. you can see the first set of haikus here. each album gets three things: a haiku, my top 3 fav songs, and a rating out of 5. this time around: frank ocean, jack white and bruno mars.


1. frank ocean – channel orange

cannot get enough
occasional stevie sounds
better than mumford

favorite tracks:
1. pyramids (one of my favorite songs to come out last year.)
2. monks (that bass line is way too killer.)
3. sweet life (easily could’ve been off “songs in the key of life”)
honorable mention: crack rock, super rich kids, pink matter, bad religion, thinkin bout you

rating: 5/5


2. jack white – blunderbuss

solo jack – meg who?
folksy here and rockin there
jack can do no wrong.

favorite tracks:
1. weep themselves to sleep (the piano here is way too good to ignore. easy favorite.)
2. love interruption (painful in moments. brilliantly harsh. plus ruby from the sing off does the harmonies, so that’s neat.)
3. freedom at 21 (classic jack white – crazy and awesome. destroyed everything at the grammys with this song.)
honorable mention: sixteen saltines, take me with you when you go, hypocritical kiss,

rating: 3.5/5


3. bruno mars – unorthodox jukebox

zero cohesion
way too many producers
mraz wants his hat back

favorite tracks – only tracks i like:
1. natalie (one of the two massive bright spots on this album. on constant repeat.)
2. treasure (the other bright spot. there’s something quicey jones-seque about the chorus here. love it)
3. money make her smile (okay so i lied. this song is pretty rad too.)
honorable mention: locked out of heaven (only because it’s mark ronson produced. it’s a distant third. like a police song only not as good.)

rating: 2/5

there you go. i can’t recommend channel orange enough. it might be my favorite album from last year (although, i doubt it would make the top 3 in 2013). absolutely preposterous that it lost out to mumford & sons for album of the year. blunderbuss is great too, but it’s not revolutionary. jack white is always awesome. unlike bruno mars, who is rarely awesome, but usually dumb.


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