why you should intern at jacob’s well this summer.

JacobsWell_mThere are still a few more days left to apply to be a youth ministry intern at Jacob’s Well Church, and I think you should apply! In 2012, we piloted our internship program, and our two interns – Grant and Jourdan – did an amazing job. I had a thought last week: who better to convince others to intern at Jacob’s Well than the interns themselves!

I asked Grant and Jourdan if they would write a brief paragraph or two about their experience as a youth intern and why you should apply. Let’s see what Jourdan had to say…

jourdan“Jacob’s Well was the best of the many different internships that I have done. I learned the obvious: like creating curriculum and running successful junior high events. I also learned some unexpected things about how an office space can also be a place of prayer, silence, study, celebration and community with a staff. I was stretched and challenged during my time at Jacob’s Well in a sometimes hard but definitely God-working way!

By leaving my comfort zone of what I knew, God provided an experience that I could not have found anywhere else. And that’s why I think you should apply for the Jacob’s Well internship.”

– Jourdan

And here’s what Grant had to say about his experience last summer…

395284_359927797428139_1161677418_n“I loved every second of my time at Jacob’s Well. One of the things that has really stuck with me has been the sense of community and how that makes everything at the church more effective. I grew a lot during my short stay as an intern: as a youth leader, as a listener, as a student and in my relationship with Jesus Christ.

The people at Jacob’s Well are some of the wisest, hilarious, creative, caring, loving, and awesome people I have ever had the privilege meeting – and I haven’t even mentioned the students yet! The student are full of life and spirit and every student is willing to let you be a piece in their incredible story. It is an ABSOLUTE JOY to work with them.  

So to any future interns that might be reading this – get ready for one of the best ‘job’ experiences of your life. I guarantee you will not regret joining this amazing team and community!”

– Grant

Seems like a convincing enough argument to me, so what are you waiting for? Head over to the JW website for more info or just download the application! There are only a few more days to get your application in…so hurry it up! Can’t wait to spend the summer doing ministry alongside you.

Download: Jacob’s Well Internship Application


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