would you rather – island portal edition.

The Source pmthis past tuesday night a middle schooler, a high schooler and myself combined forces to create my new favorite “would you rather?” icebreaker question. felt the need to share it with the masses. here it goes…

you’re on a desert island. there’s a portal on the island. you have two options on how to utilize the portal: you can reach in with one hand, or step into it entirely.

if you reach in with one hand, you have the ability to grab one item from your bedroom at home and take it with you to the island for the rest of your life.

if you step into the portal, you have an equal chance of being transported to one of four places. those places are…
1. you appear, mid-air, 30 feet above the ocean, 300 yards off the coast of antarctica. you drop. the water is very cold.
2. you appear in the middle of an endless tube slide spiraling forever downward, never ending.
3. you appear as mario in the video game “super mario 64”. there is no leaving the game, simply living our your existence at and around peach’s castle.
4. you appear in your own bedroom.
…you have an equal chance – 25% – of each of these happening.

so what do you choose? do you reach into the portal and grab something from your bedroom for your life on the island? or do you take your chances with the four options above?


2 thoughts on “would you rather – island portal edition.”

  1. This is awesome. Lots of corresponding questions arise though:

    -How exactly do you define “one item?” Like I’d want to grab my N64, but it’d need several games, a controller and a TV. Or my record player, but I need at least one record and some speakers.

    -If I’m Mario in Super Mario 64, does this also mean I get to transport in and out of the picture worlds? And actually, Peach’s castle is directly connected to Royal Raceway from Mario Kart 64, so would that be included in the bounds of the environment?

    So not lots of corresponding questions. I guess just two. If I was allowed two items, or an item combo, I’d grab my electric guitar/amp. Worse case scenario, I’d grab just my acoustic. Second option would be great, except for the 1/4 chance of an eternity on that spiral. Eck, I’d rather take a shivery cold drowning death than eternity on even an awesome slide.

    How did you answer?

  2. I would say that there is some gray area here for the “item” you would grab. Although, I’m not sure I’d grab anything you’d have to plug in…

    You can go everywhere you’re allowed to in SM64. Since you can’t go into Royal Raceway in the game, that’s off limits, but absolutely the 15 levels and other secret rooms are in play.

    For me, I chose to reach into my closet and grab the hammock that’s still in the box that I haven’t hung up yet. I figure I can string it up and at least get some good rest somewhere. I thought about grabbing a hunting knife or chainsaw or weapon of some sort, but I don’t keep those things in my bedroom. Pity.

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