Introducing the World Series Blog Series

I’m starting a new blog series called the World Series Blog Series where I’ll look at each World Series between 1943-2013. Seventy* years worth of posts is a major undertaking, but I’m excited to have another series to pick up after my last one on my favorite NES games is behind me. It might even turn into 73 posts. By the time this post series is over I might have to include the 2014-2016 championships too.

* – Even though the 1994 Series was cancelled do to the MLBPA strike, I think I’ll take a look at what might have been. Go Expos.

The title is still open for discussion. I’m not crazy about the initials WSBS. It looks like radio station call letters or something about bullshit. It may get a makeover soon but I’m the worst at coming up with creative titles for anything. For example, an Oscars party will be called “Oscars Party”; a book that explores spirituality in the game of baseball gets the title “Exploring Baseball and Spirituality” (also a working title, by the way); or a retreat in the fall will just be named the “Fall Retreat”. I just call it what it is and move on.

But if you have any ideas – for this series or my book – shoot them my way. But don’t get offended if I think they’re terrible/cheesy/corny/lame. It’s not you that stinks, just your idea.

Why start with 1943? Seems like an arbitrary year to me. The answer: because that’s the year the MLB decided to go with for the World Series Film Collection they released back in 2009. Not sure why they began there, but I’m going to follow their lead.

Assuming this goes well maybe I’ll even do 1906-1942 after the fact. No guarantees though. I’ll probably be so thrilled to finish this series that the thought of committing to another 37 posts just might kill me.

These will slowly be released as I find time to write them, but look for the 1943 post later this week.


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