Bangkok – Day 1

…or is it Day 2?

It’s confusing, honestly. It’s like Tuesday didn’t even happen. Our group flew out of Kansas City at 10:30 Monday, and 35 hours later we pulled into our hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, at 2:30am Wednesday morning.

So I’ve been gone two days now, yet I just woke up for the first time on this trip.

Except that’s not entirely true. I slept for 6 solid hours on the flight from Tokyo to Bangkok. The back row of the plane was empty – 4 seats across – so I commandeered it, spread out across the seats, put on my headphones and slept better than I have in weeks probably. Norah Jones, man. She’s magic.

Today is a purely tourist day. Matt and I woke up early and walked the streets around out hotel for a bit. Street vendors galore. And all of the smells! At one point, I was smelling BBQ chicken, fresh oranges and maple syrup covered waffles all at the same time. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t exchange any of my money for this leg of the trip. Who knows how much money a guy like me could spend on street food?

It’s a 12 hour difference here. Which makes it easy to know what’s happening back home. As of this blog post, the Jacob’s Well Youth are just finishing up a scavenger hunt on the plaza.

Sigh, missing you guys. I feel like I’m missing so much.*

* – Also, c’mon Chiefs. I leave for like 2 minutes and Dexter McCluster is suddenly a Titan!? Better go pick up Darren Sproles…

Stay tuned for some actual theological reflections later. For now, just updating the world that we are here.


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