The Fate of the 400-Pound Wrigley Field Cake


Did you guys hear about this?

So this past Wednesday was the 100th anniversary of the first game played at Wrigley Field in Chicago. It was built in 1914, and was originally called Weeghman Park and it housed the Chicago Whalers of the Federal League. The first game hosted in Wrigley was against the Kansas City Packers, and to commemorate the history, the visiting Diamondbacks wore throwback KC Feds jerseys to honor the history.*

mzbdyqpwg0d0cmtddz2p-2* – By the way, the guys over at Charlie Hustle are selling these as t-shirts over at their shop. I picked one up yesterday. You should too. Check out their stuff online here:

They had a whole bunch of fanfare for the 100th anniversary of the historic ballpark, and one of the things they decided to do was have the Cake Boss bakery in New Jersey create a 400 lb cake replica of Wrigley Field.

The thing was huge. And it was definitely impressive.

But the story gets better, because this morning it broke that this insane cake wasn’t even eaten. After the game, it was transported to the Field Museum – the one with the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in the entryway – for a Cubs charity gathering, where it was supposed to be cut up and eaten.

But no one ate it.

It was thrown into the dumpster.

Apparently one of the staff members at the museum posted pictures on Reddit of the cake on the fork lift, and then of the cake folded over in the bottom of the dumpster. (Photo via CBS Chicago)

Which, if this is any other team, the immediate response goes something like: “What a waste! The fans could’ve eaten that!” This turns quickly into a conversation about either, A. There are starving children in Africa! Or, B. How much money did they throw away doing that?

But this is the Cubs we’re talking about, so instead we just laugh.

Poor Cubbies. Even their own fans are laughing at this. The culture has so much embraced their “lovable loser” mentality, and things like this do nothing but reinforce the silly franchise that has history and tradition in spades, but ultimately isn’t taken seriously anymore.

Anyway. I thought I’d share. Here are a couple links to more info on it…

Cubs cake: Down in the Dumps (ESPN)
Raw Video: Giant Wrigley cake found in dumpster (Chicago Tribune)
The Cubs 400-Pound Wrigley Cake is Sitting in a Dumpster Right Now (Deadspin)


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