2014 MLB Predictions Revisited

Back in March, I posted my 2014 MLB Predictions. Now might be a good to revisit them, evaluate my performance, and make predictions for the postseason.

Here were my predictions…

AL East: Tampa Bay Rays, Boston Red Sox (Wild Card)

I guess we’ll start with my most glaring gaffe. This division was a giant question mark to begin the season, so I guessed the team with the ability to do the most with the least would come out on top. Instead, the Baltimore Orioles ran away with it.

I also thought the Red Sox rotation would sustain their World Series mojo from 2013. I never imagined they’d bookend their championship with another dead last finish.

AL Central: Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals (Wild Card)

Nailed it. Moving on.

AL West: Los Angeles Angels

I’m really proud of this one. This is the one that I was very confident in, even before the Texas Rangers whole team got hurt and the Oakland A’s fell from the top to barely squeaking into the postseason. I basically ignored the A’s in my predictions. Which I shouldn’t do ever.

NL East: Washington Nationals

Yep. This one was easy after the Braves lost Minor during Spring Training. The Nationals are probably the favorite to win the Series this year. Moving on.

NL Central: St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds (Wild Card)

This was a major “what if” season for the Reds. Lots of Opening Day hope that evaporated quickly with the injuries to Joey Votto and Homer Bailey. They didn’t have Chapman to start the season. Jay Bruce wildly underperformed. I stand by this pick. A healthy Reds squad would have been dangerous. In the end, the Pirates were the answer.

The Cardinals played from behind most of the season. But the Brewers finally faded. They lost Yadier Molina for a while, but he retuned just in time for a September surge.

NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants (Wild Card)

Got em both. Not a difficult choice here either. Kershaw, man.

So I picked 5 of 6 division winners and 2 of 4 wild card teams. Not too shabby. Now let’s look at the postseason.

I waited until after the Wild Card rounds to do this. Honestly, it’s basically a coin flip to see who wins the Wild Card games, so it’s got a great shot at messing with the whole bracket with no real skill in the pick. So write in “Royals” and “Giants” to start.

Royals over Angels

The Royals are dangerous, and will find a way to manufacture some runs against the star-studded Halos. If Vargas is on tonight, series over in my opinion.

Tigers over Orioles

The Orioles could surprise me again, but Sherzer, Price and a returned-to-form Verlander won’t be beat until they face the best pitcher in the game.

Dodgers over Cardinals

The Cardinals stole this same series last year. Michael Wacha beat Kershaw twice last year as a rookie. This year he is coming off injury. Cards have Wainwright and experience on their side, but Kershaw having a historic season, and I think LA gets over the Redbird hump this year.

Nationals over Giants;

Not having Madison Bumgarner until Game 3 hurts the Giants. Otherwise, I might pick them. But I like the Nats behind my boy, Stephen Strasburg.

Tigers over Royals

The Royals wet the bed again against a team they ought to be able to beat by now. I hope I’m wrong, but it feels right. Heartbreak. Sigh.

Dodgers over Nationals

This would be a great series, and I gotta think the Dodgers starters and star power can get it done.

World Series:
Dodgers over Tigers

If the Dodgers make it, you better believe I’m listening to Vin Scully’s radio call every night. To me, Clayton Kershaw is the most valuable player in the playoffs, and should be good for two WS wins. Between Greinke and Ryu, they’ll take 2 other games and win it all.

I think, at least.


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